JATC Training Centers

An apprenticeship within the building trades offers men and women excellent career opportunities by training them to become highly skilled construction workers ready to take on jobs that will be both personally satisfying and lucrative.

Apprentices earn while they learn, meaning they receive on-the-job training and classroom instruction while earning a living wage. This on-the-job experience allows apprentices to learn the trade from experienced journeymen, gaining valuable insight and knowledge on a number of different aspects of their job. Besides learning on the jobsite, apprentices also receive free, mandatory classroom instruction, where they are taught many of the fundamentals and advanced concepts they will use throughout their career.

By joining an apprenticeship with one of our affiliated trades, an individual is eligible to earn a living wage, health and retirement benefits and a free education.

To learn more about the admission requirements and terms of apprenticeship training for a specific construction trade, please visit the affiliated JATC Apprenticeship page:

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