Drug-Free Workforce

The Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council and signatory contractors require our members to be able to work in a drug-free workplace.

The National Drug-Free Alliance estimates U.S. companies collectively lose billions of dollars each year due to alcohol and drug abuse and related issues.

By providing our union contractors with a workforce of skilled journeymen and apprentices who are substance-tested, we can help reduce costs and help signatory contractors increase their bottom line.

Our construction workers are required to undergo random and yearly substance testing, in addition to testing for post accident, for-cause and reasonable suspicion, and return-to-work.

Studies have shown a drug-free workplace helps contractors lower workers’ compensation costs by leading to fewer workplace accidents. Furthermore, fewer accidents mean less downtime on the jobsite and help lower medical costs. A drug-free workforce also results in less workplace violence and a major reduction in thefts, as substance users are responsible for up to 80 percent of all theft on the jobsite, including tools and materials.

Substance users have been found to be 50 percent less productive and their absenteeism and tardiness rate is three times more than non-users. A drug-free workplace produces higher morale, which helps our members produce quality work and get the job done on time.

Simply put, a drug-free workplace produces higher production and, therefore, a better bottom-line for contractors and project owners.

Drug-Free Workplace Alliance

The Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council supports the Department of Labor’s cooperative program focused on improving worker safety and health through drug-free workplace programs.

To learn more about the Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, click here.

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