Laborers Local 423 and 574 JATC

What is a Union Construction Laborer:

Laborers work as a part of a construction team using diverse skills they acquire through the training center and hands-on jobsite learning. They are typically employed on-site from the day a project begins until its completion, working on projects that range from one-day operations to multi-year construction projects. Depending on their core specialty, laborers may build and repair roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels; install gas lines, scaffolding, survey, and perform worksite preparation. The eight-core construction specialties are: Building, Heavy Highway/ Utility, Masonry, Demolition/ Deconstruction, Pipeline, Tunneling, Environmental remediation, or Landscaping. The core specialty of a laborers’ contractor will determine the everyday tasks they complete.

Training Center:

At the Drexel J. Thrash Training Center, apprentices and journey workers take classes on a variety of skills that range from entry level basics such as measuring and leveling, environmental courses such as asbestos abatement training, and more advanced upgrading classes such as aerial lifts, foreman training, and blueprint training. With 98 courses available and counting, whatever classes or skills are needed for Ohio construction workforce, the appropriate classes can be found and taught at the Ohio Laborers Training facility.

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Union Laborer Apprenticeship:

Apprentices are required to complete a 4-year apprenticeship with 144 classroom hours per year and 1,000 paid on-the-job hours per year for a total of 4,000 paid on-the-job hours and 432 classroom hours. Union laborer apprentices have a starting wage of 60% of journey workers wage that increases 10% after every 1,000-hours worked and 144 classroom hours attended. Previous experience can be considered for total accumulated hours.

To begin a union laborer apprenticeship, an applicant must first apply on the apprenticeship website at Applications are shared with the local union hall and contractors through the Sponsorship Portal. After an applicant connects with a signatory contractor through the Sponsorship Portal or personal inquiry, the contractor will notify the local Business Manager, a meeting will be scheduled, and the apprenticeship will begin. An apprentice will then be scheduled for winter training classes at The Drexel J. Thrash Training Center or their local union hall.


Address: 152 Dorchester Square S, Unit 100, Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: 614-865-9833
Contact: Ohio Apprenticeship Coordinator Vince Irvin
Email: [email protected]

Application Period: Annually
Program Length: 4 years
Classroom Hours: 144 hours per year
On-the-Job Hours: 1,000 hours per year

Phone: (614) 221-7171
Fax: (614) 221-7172
939 Goodale Blvd., Suite 202
Columbus, OH 43212