Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council 2021 General Election Endorsements

As of Oct. 1, the Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council made the following political endorsements for the 2021 General Election. Affiliated members are encouraged to vote for these candidates, who support the area’s labor trades and related issues affecting the trades.

City of Columbus
City Attorney – Zach Klein (D)
City Auditor – Megan Kilgore (D)
City Council – Lourdes Barrosso de Padillo (D)
City Council – Nick Bankston (D)
City Council – Shannon Hardin (D)

Columbus City Board of Education
Michael Cole (D)
Kevin Hairston (D)
James Ragland (D)
Ramona Reyes (D)

Franklin County Municipal Judge
Term Commencing 1/1/22 – Mike McAllister (D)
Term Commencing 1/2/22 – Bill Hedrick (D)
Term Commencing 1/3/22 – Mark Hummer (D)
Term Commencing 1/4/22 – Gina Russo (R)
Term Commencing 1/4/22 – Cynthia Ebner (D)
Term Commencing 1/6/22 – Eileen Paley (D)
Term Commencing 1/7/22 – Jim O’Grady (D)
Term Commencing 1/9/22 – Mary Kay Fenlon (D)

Franklin County Municipal Environmental Court Judge
Term Commencing 1/8/22 – Stephanie Mingo-Miles (R)

Issue 7 – No

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