Columbus Building Futures program graduates second class

Columbus Building Futures program graduates second class

Make sure you listen to Dorsey Hager’s most recnt appearance on America’s Work Force Radio.

Dorsey Hager

Dorsey Hager, C/COBCTC Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Hager, Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer, and AWF host Ed “Flash” Ferenc talked about the Columbus Building Futures program.

In October, the Columbus Building Futures program graduated their second class, as 16 of 17 participants graduated from the pre-apprenticeship program. Geared toward underserved areas of the community, the 12-week Columbus Building Futures program was designed to help men and women who are unemployed or underemployed gain a path toward a middle class life by helping them find employment in the building trades.

Hager said he was surprised to learn program participants are more likely to be underemployed, working at least two jobs, than unemployed.

He explained how the program is dvided up into three different sections. The first four-weeks are designed to overcome any barriers to employment, while also working on basic educational skills such as math, English, etc. The next six weeks are spent introducing participants to careers in the building trades and basic tools used by all trades, such as how to read a tape measure. The final two weeks are spent with a particular craft picked by the participant.

America's Workforce Radio Host Ed "Flash" Ferenc

America’s Workforce Radio Host Ed “Flash” Ferenc

Graduates are then able to apply for entrance into a registered apprenticeship program.

Hager and Ferenc also talked about a recent Minority Contractor Outreach event. With help from ACT Ohio, the event explained the benefits of being a signatory contractor to area minority contractors. They learned about the many benefits of being a signatory contractor, such as access to a well-trained and safe workforce and the ability to partake in healthcare and pension benefits. They also dispelled myths about what it takes to become a signatory contractor.

To listen to the entire interview, which also included some midterm election talk, click here.

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