Columbus Bricklayer apprentice finishes second in international competition

A central Ohio Bricklayer apprentice finished second in his division in an international skills competition held in Las Vegas.

Mitch Kittinger of BAC Local 55 (Columbus) took second place in the first-year apprentice division at the Mason Contractors Association of America international event, which pitted union and non-union apprentices of varying skill levels from across the U.S. and other countries against one another in friendly competition.

Kittinger and fellow Ohio-Kentucky Administrative District Council apprentice John Weininger, who finished first in the second-year divison, showed the strength of the District Council’s training program.

The competition provided different challenges based on the competitor’s experience levels – first-year apprentices worked on a basic project, second-year apprentices faced a more challenging project and third-year apprentices worked on the most complicated project.

The contestants had three hours to build their project and were not allowed to view the plans prior to the start of the contest in order to keep them from practicing the specific design.

Additionally, apprentices could not consult their instructor, employer or anyone else during the contest.

Despite being on the international stage and competing against some of the best first-year apprentices in the world, Kittinger was focused and constructed a top-notch design.

Bill Hulet Jr., Local 55 Field Representative, said it is always nice to see apprentices doing well in learning the trade, but it is also very exciting when one an apprentices gets to go to an international competition.

“To compete and then place in the top three at the competition is just awesome,” said Hullet. “Mitch has been putting in the hard work to learn the trade and this makes me proud that he has come a long way in his training. Congratulations Mitch, Local 55 is proud of what you have accomplished so far in learning the trade.”

Hullet said it is also important to thank the members of Local 55 who have done their part in helping to teach the apprentices what they know about the trade.

“Keep spreading your knowledge to the younger generation,” said Hullet.

The Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council congratulates Mitch on his second place finish.

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