C/COBCTC endorses Judge Michael J. Holbrook for Franklin County Common Pleas

The Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council proudly endorses the re-election of Judge Michael J. Holbrook to Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, General Division.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council,” Holbrook said. “Thank you for your support of my campaign to continue to serve the public as Judge in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.” 

Holbrook has served as a judge on the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas bench since 2005, where he has overseen a variety of cases, including high profile criminal and civil cases, large class action lawsuits, aggravated murder cases with death-specifications and commercial docket cases. Holbrook also serves on the Court’s Criminal Law and Personnel committees. 

Holbrook said this will be his fourth and final term.

A lifelong resident of Franklin County, Holbrook has more than 39 years of legal experience. A graduate of The Ohio State University (bachelor’s degree in Criminology) and Capital University (juris doctor), he spent 22 years in private practice where he represented clients in all areas of the law, including civil, domestic and criminal matters. 

Holbrook said he looks forward to continuing to provide the citizens of Franklin County just and fair decisions on every case that comes before him.

“Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about the law,” Holbrook said. “I pursued that passion in undergrad, law school and in private practice. After having been in private practice for 22 years, I recognized the importance of having good, experienced judges on the bench, and decided to run for the position. Since being on the bench, I have had the opportunity to positively impact the daily lives of Franklin County residents, often on the worst days of their lives. I enjoy waking up and being able to truly make a difference in our community. That is why I am running again, for the last time, for Franklin County Common Pleas Judge.”

In addition to the C/COBCTC endorsement, Holbrook has also been endorsed by the Baptist Ministerial Alliance of Columbus and vicinity.

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