America’s Workforce Radio Segment:  Hager and Ferenc talk RNC and minimum wage

From sports to politics to labor issues, Dorsey Hager and Ed “Flash” Ferenc covered a number of topics during their June segment on America’s Workforce Radio.

Hager, the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Columbus Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council, gave Ferenc his take on the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland and Cleveland Browns football.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley pushed for wage theft and minimum wage ordinances.

Ferenc questioned Hager about the Columbus Ward Proposal, which is designed to turn Columbus City Council from an all at-large format to a ward format. The Ward Proposal will be on the ballot on Aug. 2. Hager told Ferenc this issue will increase the size of the local government and how he believes this issue can lessen minority representation.

The two also discussed new construction projects in Central Ohio and wage theft and minimum wage ordinances recently passed in Cincinnati. Hager said the two ordinances benefit workers by helping to ensure they are not misclassified as 1099 workers instead of full-time employees. The new minimum wage, Hager said, was created to ensure City of Cincinnati employees receive a fair wage for their work.

To listen to the entire interview, click here.

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