2020 General Election Political Endorsements

As of June 9, the Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council has made the following political endorsements for the 2020 General Election. Affiliated members are encouraged to vote for these candidates, who support the area’s labor trades and related issues affecting the trades.

Ohio Senate

16th District
Stephanie Kunze (R)


Ohio House of Representatives

17th District
Adam Miller (D)

18th District
Kristin Boggs (D)

19th District
Mary Lightbody (D)

20th District
Richard Brown (D)

21st District
Beth Liston (D)

22nd District
David Leland (D)

23rd District
Nancy Day-Achauer (D)

24th District
Allison Russo (D)

25th District
Dontavius Jarrells (D)

26th District
Erica Crawley (D)

67th District
Rachael Morocco (D)

68th District
Rick Carfagna (R)

71st District
Mark Fraizier (R)

72nd District
Larry Householder (R)

77th District
Jeff LaRe (R)

78th District
Brian Stewart (R)

86th District
Tracy Richardson (R)

92nd District
Mark Johnson (R)


Franklin County

Kevin Boyce (D)

John O’Grady (D)

Cornell Robertson (R)

Clerk of Courts
Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessy (D)

Dr. Anahi Ortzi (D)

Ron O’Brien (R)

Dallas Baldwin (D)

Danny O’Connor (D)

Cheryl Brooks-Sullivan (D)


Licking County

Michael Smith (D)


Union County

Tony Eufinger (D)

David Burke (R)


Ohio State Court of Appeals

10th District
Full Term Commencing 2/9/21
Michael Mentel (D)

10th District
Full Term Commencing 7/1/21
Lisa Sadler (R)


Franklin County Court of Common Pleas

Domestic Division
Term Commencing 1/2/21
Dana Priesse (R)

Domestic Division
Term Commencing 1/3/21
Lasheyl Stroud (D)

General Division
Term Commencing 1/1/21
Carl Aveni (D)

General Division
Term Commencing 2/9/21
Jennifer French (R)

General Division
Term Commencing 7/1/21
David Young (D)

General Division
Term Commencing 7/2/21
Chris Brown (D)

General Division
Term Ending 1/5/23
Gina Russo (R)

Probate Division
Term Commencing 2/9/21
Robert Montgomery (R)

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  • Darrell Gammell on June 10, 2020 11:28 am Reply

    As a retired tradesman I would like to thank you all for your hard work on behalf of the workers in the trades.

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